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It is going to be a busy year!

Following on from our most recent planning meeting, the years programme of business is almost finalised and it looks to be a packed agenda for the year. New initiates are inbound whilst we have new joining members and also the opportunity to move some of our junior members up the ranks to higher degrees.

We have new positions for some; Senior Deacon being filled with upcoming talent eager to make their way through to the chair in due course. Our WM takes his second year in the chair and steering us through another masonic schedule.

We look to make some changes behind the scenes as well with our Members Pathway and ensuring all brethren have an opportunity to develop and learn. Our infrastructre will also develop making communication in and out of the lodge much easier for those that underpin the lodge with their administrative services which takes a great deal of time and effort.

Would you like to take the opportunity to visit our lodge, take part in our meetings or wish to deliver a talk or presentation on a particular topic? Stay for the Festive Board and make new associates within the Masonic Family or just be part of the meeting - the choice is entirely yours. Chaddesley Corbett welcomes all visitors from craft lodges, we sort of make a habit of it and enjoy the opportunity to meet and greet.

Contact us through our website or social media and details will be passed onto the Lodge Secretary for a summons to be provided.


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