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Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations. Its roots lie in the traditions and ceremonies of the medieval stonemasons who built our cathedrals and castles. Some rituals are still celebrated today.


There is no one single aim of Freemasonry; the only thing which it offers all Freemasons is to enrich their lives for the better. Every single Freemason will tell you a different story about how the organisation has contributed to their daily lives. Through contact with other Freemasons and the teachings and guidance within the Lodge it is always intended to make 'a good man better'. It builds on strong morals and Freemasons are encouraged to speak openly about the organisation.


Freemasonry is open to any man over the age of 18 irrespective of political views, religion, financial status or ethnic group. It is expected that any appplicant to have a belief in a faith.

When joining a lodge you are accepted as an Entered Apprentice and throughout your time within your chosen lodge you will progress to Master Mason and beyond. If you chose to, you will be entrusted with a role as an officer of the lodge, which expands your own personal learning and understanding.

For those who wish to learn more or take their first step into joining Freemasonry then we welcome you to complete the simple contact us form and then one of our team will make contact to discuss further



In the past masons would have been responsible for the construction of buildings however in modern times Freemasons look to build on their own values with integrity being at the forefront. Being involved and a member of a lodge helps build that daily advancement


Freemasonry being universally spread across the earth then the common beliefs bring together a commonality of people without prejudice of race or religion. Through this unification it breaks down many differences that can otherwise separate or come between us as a group.


As a group we are bought together by our belief and acceptance of these group values. It doesnt focus on religion or political viewpoint and establishes a shared base to build many friendships which will accompany us and extends beyond Freemasonry into our family and social life.


Charitable giving is at the core of Freemasonry and will always remain a key goal within the organisation. Local and national charities benefit each time Freemasons meet. Through both financial donations and also practical volunteering, Freemasonry makes a productive benefit to many worthwhile causes. 


Whenever you decide to begin your journey into Freemasonry, you will immediately start to notice a difference in your life as the contact with other Freemasons and the teachings that you learn begin to influence your daily life.


You will adapt those principles that are instilled into you to all scenarios in life and notice the benefits within a short period of time.

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