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As a Craft Freemasonry Lodge, Chaddesley Corbet #8942 has a reputation throughout the Province Worcestershire of Worcestershire that whatever it sets out to achieve, it does it with enthusiasm and 'a bang'! We take our ritual seriously but also appreciate that you need to be relaxed and enjoy what you do. We like to think of ourselves as a friendly bunch of people who enjoy the fun things in life but always keep our brothers and their families in our minds at all times. If this sounds like your group of people then please read on and we hope to meet you one day.


It is often said that Freemasonry will "take a good man and make him better". What this emphasises is that the values which are encouraged in Freemasonry are already within the new applicant; it is therefore our aim to strengthen those which benefit the individual and also their family and community


Chaddesley Corbett Lodge works hard within its immediate masonic family and with the wider community to bring relief to those less fortunate and improve the situation of those most needy. This is commonly achieved through charitable donations but also through support, friendship and help where needed.

With over forty years of history and heritage then it is of no suprise that Chaddesley Corbett Lodge has a solid reputation within our Province. We welcome visitors and also enjoy visiting others. 

It all started with two men having a simple conversation......


Lodge meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month between October to March inclusive.

We meet at Freemasons Hall - Kidderminster which is located within the grounds of KIdderminster Cricket Club on Offmore Lane, DY10.

Other events and meetings (both social and in direct association with Freemasonry) go on throughout the whole year in which brothers are encouraged to participate.

Kidderminster Masonic Centre
Kidderminster Masonic Centre
Kidderminster Masonic Centre
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