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A Few Of Our Masons

Each one an individual, all with common values


David Hislop

"Masons don’t just look after their own"

I joined Freemasonry because many people I knew and had a high regard for were all masons, including my boss and some colleagues. 

The year I joined I learned that Grand Lodge had donated a lifeboat to the RNLI, which not only demonstrated the good charitable work the Craft does but showed that Masons don’t just look after their own!!


I have been a mason for over 37 years and have enjoyed every minute of that time! 

Morris Dance Musician and retired Insurance Broker.

Ian Kearns

"the mystery is part of the attraction"

Before joining Freemasonry your understanding of the Craft and the organisation only scrapes the surface but then again the mystery is part of the attraction.

I am a fairly new mason having joined in 2018 but have thoroughly enjoyed my interaction with new friends as well as learning what Freemasonry offers.

I currently occupy a junior role in the lodge but am also responsible for this website and everything that goes with it; a responsibility I dont take lightly!


Steve Taylor


Short Bio

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