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Father and Son, Dual Province, Double Second-Degree Ceremony

An excellent night had by all but more importantly we were able to achieve something unique by supporting father and son going through a dual second degree ceremony for them both.

Peter and James Smith of Trimpley, Kidderminster are father and son who joined Freemasonry in close succession but it was James (son) who joined Collegiate Lodge #9943 in Warwickshire first to be closely followed by his father, Peter, who joined Chaddesley Corbett Lodge #8942 in the following months.

James was able to see his father initiated and from that point the two lodges agreed it would be something truly special if they could go through their second-degree ceremony at the same time.

The photo shows both Peter and James accompanied by the Worshipful Master's of their respective lodges.

Chaddesley Corbett Lodge looks forward to supporting Peter and James through their masonic journey and onto their third-degree. Congrats to both, we hope the ceremony was rewarding.



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